Following the success that is the Amazon Echo, there have been multiple reports in the past that have suggested that Apple could be following suit with a Siri speaker of their own. In fact Google themselves launched Google Home with Google Assistant baked into the speakers, so why not Apple, right?


However that might not necessarily be the case. According to a report from TIME (via AppleInsider), it has been suggested that Apple might actually not be interested in releasing such a device. The report claims that Apple has “no apparent interest” in following in Amazon’s footsteps and releasing a series of Siri-powered speaker devices.

Apparently this isn’t how Apple plans on using Siri. Citing discussions with unnamed Apple executives, the report claims that Apple’s vision for Siri is to act as an “omnipresent AI assistant” across multiple devices, as opposed to Amazon’s Echo in which the device itself acts as a hub for Alexa.

That being said, Apple has never really been one to follow trends and release “me too” devices. They might be “late” in adding features that were popular back in the day, but unless you count the Apple Watch, we haven’t really seen too many “me too” products from Apple, and it seems unlikely that that will change, but either way do take this with a grain of salt for now.

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