It’s starting to look as if the hacker group calling themselves the Turkish Crime Family might actually be holding onto legitimate iCloud login credentials. The folks at ZDNet recently managed to obtain several of these credentials from the group, to which they verified that they were real.

They then reached out to the owners of the accounts and 10 actually responded that the information was accurate, to which they were then promptly changed. This begs the question as to come 7th of April, will the hackers keep to their word and indeed remotely wipe millions of Apple devices as they had previously claimed?

Apple themselves have come forward and claimed that neither iCloud nor Apple ID had been breached, meaning that if these hackers had obtained these credentials it was probably through third-party sources. However an earlier report allegedly claimed that Apple refused to pay the ransom, which presumably is to prevent the encouragement of such behavior in the future.

In any case we guess time will tell if the threats by the hackers will come true, but just in case you’d rather not end up on the wrong end of things, you might want to consider changing your password and updating your login information just to be safe.

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