The music streaming scene right now is a pretty competitive one with companies starting to expand beyond just music offerings to their customers. However it is safe to say that at the moment the platform that is in the lead is none other than Spotify, which according to their recent tweet boasted 50 million paid subscribers.

To give you guys a bit of context, last we heard which was back in September 2016, Spotify claimed 40 million paid subscribers so for them to jump 10 million subs in the span of about 5 months is pretty decent as it averages out to 2 million a month. As for Spotify’s competition, the next closest that we are aware of would be Apple Music.

Back in December Apple announced that their platform managed to hit 20 million paid subscribers, which is clearly nowhere near where Spotify is. However when you consider that Apple Music has been around for considerably less time (Spotify was launched in 2008 whereas Apple Music was launched in 2015), it does seem that Apple Music is growing at a pretty fast rate.

That being said, Spotify does have a free listening tier that makes money off ads and the total number of Spotify listeners is above the 100 million mark, so on that front Apple Music is clearly very, very far behind. In the meantime we have heard that Spotify is working on a new tier in which they will offer lossless streaming, but the company has yet to confirm if and when that tier will be launched.

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