We have heard about how hackers could potentially hijack the cameras and microphones on our smart TVs, home CCTV cameras, or on our laptops and use our own devices to spy on us, but have you ever considered that your headphones could also potentially be used to spy on you? That’s what a lawsuit filed by Kyle Zak in Chicago against Bose is alleging.

According to Zak, it seems that he is claiming that Bose can spy on its customers who own the company’s wireless headphones by using an app that can track the music, podcasts, or other audio that they listen to, and that in the process it has violated their privacy rights especially since this was done without their permission.

Zak’s lawsuit is seeking an injunction to stop Bose’s “wholesale disregard” for the privacy of their customers. According to Christopher Dore, a lawyer representing Zak, “People should be uncomfortable with it. People put headphones on their head because they think it’s private, but they can be giving out information they don’t want to share.”

At this time of writing Bose has yet to respond to the lawsuit, although we can only imagine that they will probably refute its claims, but we’ll be waiting to see what the company has to say.

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