With Nintendo announcing that they will be discontinuing the NES Classic Edition, many gamers were left pretty disappointed, especially those who have been having the hardest time trying to get their hands on the console. However a rumor surfaced not too long after suggesting that this could be because Nintendo was making way for the SNES Classic Edition.

Now it remains to be seen whether or not the console will actually be launched, but perhaps Microsoft may know something we don’t because in a recent Xbox survey that was sent out ahead of E3 2017, Microsoft asked what fans were most looking forward to, and listed the SNES Classic Edition alongside Project Scorpio, the PS4 Pro, and the Nintendo Switch.

It does seem a bit odd that Microsoft would know about Nintendo’s plans and reveal them ahead of time, which means that the alternative theory is that Microsoft may simply be speculating and are basing the survey on rumors, or just to get an idea of whether or not the SNES Classic Edition might prove to be a threat to their own systems.

Either way we guess we’ll find out for ourselves at E3 which will be kicking off later this month, so do check back with us then for the details and if Nintendo will announce the new console then.

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