When Microsoft launched backwards compatibility on the Xbox One for Xbox 360 games, there were some that wondered if maybe Microsoft could extend it to cover original Xbox games. This is something gamers have wondered for the past couple of years, and to Microsoft’s credit they have never been closed off to the idea.

In fact at E3 2017 this year, Microsoft made a surprise announcement at the event in which they announced that original Xbox games will now have backwards compatibility support for the Xbox One. Once again the onus will fall onto the developer/publisher of older titles to make their games compatible, but the option is there should they choose to take advantage of it.

In an announcement made by Xbox chief Phil Spencer, “Our team of engineers are working hard to bring some of your favorite original Xbox games to today’s Xbox One library.” The first title that will be coming will be the multiplayer shooter Crimson Skies. We expect that eventually there will be more titles added to the list.

That being said, there was a recent report from Ars Technica which suggested that maybe players aren’t spending that much time playing backwards compatible titles as previously thought, although Microsoft has since disputed that fact.

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