Apple has long touted the abilities of its AI assistant Siri ever since it was first unveiled to the public many years ago. However despite showing off what Siri could do on stage, real-life usage hasn’t exactly been 100% similar, leaving behind the impression that Siri isn’t quite as good as the competition.

Clearly this is a perception that Apple is hoping to change, which is why together with Dwayne “The Rock” John, they have launched what is essentially a long-form ad in which The Rock and Siri work together to travel around the world, where The Rock will use Siri to help him accomplish various tasks.


Now your mileage may vary with Siri, depending on a number of things such as whether or not you are heavily accented, and clearly this is an ad which means that perhaps certain things might be exaggerated. However we have to say that it does a good job at highlighting some of the features that Siri is capable of, which means that it could encourage users to use the feature more.

With Apple launching HomePod, a Siri-powered speaker, we guess getting a big name celebrity like The Rock to endorse the software could be a good way to encourage people to buy the speakers upon its release.

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