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The way computers “see” images differs from how we as humans see images, which means that when you’re trying to describe a photo to a friend, you can describe how it looks and depending on how good their memory is, they may or may not be able to recall what you are talking about.


For example you could describe a photo taken 5 years ago at a specific location where you were wearing a yellow colored shirt with pink polka dots, and they might know what you’re talking about, and it is these kinds of descriptions that Microsoft is hoping its Photos app on Windows will be able to understand, or at least that’s what they’re aiming for in an update.

In a report from Windows Central, it seems that Microsoft is slowly rolling out a smart search feature to its Photos app, where the app will now rely on AI to identify photos and catalog them based on things like color, month, faces, and so on. Microsoft is definitely not the first company to try and organize photos this way as we’ve seen Google and Apple offer up similar “smart” organizational features.

Users will also be able to search for photos based on those categories, so if you’re searching for photos that were taken at bars, you can try searching for it based on that keyword. According to Windows Central, the feature is pretty fast. Right now the feature is available for Windows Insiders, which means that for the rest of us it will most likely be rolled out as part of the Fall Creators Update.

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