2016 Honda Accord with Apple CarPlay®

Most of the time the songs we store on our phones are usually songs we want to hear. However when plugging our phones into our cars, most of the time it usually ends up playing the very first song at the top of the list based on alphabetical order, which means that it is possible that some of your favorite songs could be ruined by incessantly repeating it.

However this problem might have been solved by a certain Samir Mezrahi who recently uploaded a 10 minute track onto iTunes (via AppleInsider) dubbed “A a a a a Very Good Song” that basically gives users 10 minutes worth of silence (9 minutes 58 seconds to be exact) so that they can select their own playlist before the song starts blasting in their car.

It might seem silly but apparently it is a highly-appreciated track because it appears to have broken into the iTunes Top 50 charts, and has actually beaten out more popular artists. The track costs $0.99 which isn’t too bad of a price to pay for a workaround. We’re not sure if Apple plans to remove the track, but given that Apple does take a cut from iTunes sales, it is an interesting conundrum.

This is actually not the first time silent songs have been used to game the system. For example a few years ago, a band uploaded an album consisting of silent songs onto Spotify and managed to rake in $20,000 in “royalties” before the album was pulled from the music streaming platform.

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