Earlier this year Swedish furniture maker IKEA announced that they will be launching their own range of smart lighting systems, thus providing homeowners with the ability to equip their homes with smart lights that are relatively more affordable than what is available out there, and now it looks like the company’s smart lighting systems are compatible with Apple’s HomeKit.


IKEA had announced several months ago that they would be updating their system to make their smart lights HomeKit compatible, and it looks like they have. The update has been pushed to all existing hubs which means that you should technically be able to control the system using the Home app on your iOS devices.

To top it off, it seems that the update has also made IKEA’s smart lights compatible with Philips devices, so if you already own a Hue Bridge and want to purchase IKEA’s bulbs, they will work together and you can save money from having to purchase a separate hub. This isn’t IKEA’s first foray into creating smarter homes.

A couple of years ago the company started creating furniture that came with wireless chargers built into them, which we have to wonder if it will play nicely with the upcoming 2017 iPhones which are rumored to support wireless charging.

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