One of the features of Apple’s new iPhone X is Face ID. This is a facial recognition system that is supposed to be on the next level compared to what’s being offered on the market at the moment, but given that the iPhone X has yet to be released, there are many questions that people have about Face ID that will probably only be answered when the phone is released.

One of those questions is that can someone scan your face while you’re asleep to unlock your phone? After all we’ve seen that happen with Touch ID, and it looks like some unscrupulous sellers are trying to prey on the fears of people and have started to sell full face masks that are supposed to protect you from identity theft while you’re asleep.

These masks have been marketed as “iPhone X anti-identity theft” masks, and from what we can tell they’re just regular face masks that you might wear in the cold. In case you were wondering about this issue, as Apple pointed out on stage, Face ID will only work when users pay attention to their phone, which Apple has defined as you looking directly at it.

This means that unless you sleep with your eyes open, Face ID cannot be bypassed by holding your iPhone up to your sleeping face. While Face ID does sound rather exciting, like we said a lot of questions do remain and there have been some who have expressed their concern over the feature, but we’ll have to wait until November when the iPhone X is released to be able to properly take the feature for a spin.

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