While there have been quite a few good movies released this year, it’s safe to say that many are highly-anticipating the next Star Wars film, which is “The Last Jedi” and is set for a release at the end of the year. So far we’ve seen the teaser trailer which honestly did nothing to sate our curiosity, but a full trailer might not be too far off.

It seems that actor Mark Hamill might have accidentally revealed that Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s trailer could be coming in October. Hamill responded to a tweet by a fan in which he suggested that the person watches Monday Night Football on the 9th of October “for no reason in particular”. As if this wasn’t cryptic enough, the fact that Hamill deleted the tweet later suggested that it might have some credibility attached to it.

Hamill later tried to backtrack on his earlier tweet by tweeting that he “has no idea” and that “Disney will announce when they are ready”. It is entirely possible that Hamill might have been trolling us with that earlier tweet, although it would be rather mean of him to do so. In any case Polygon notes that a release on the 9th of October makes sense as The Force Awakens trailer was also released around the same time.

Also given that Disney owns ABC and ESPN, it makes sense that the trailers could be released on either network as well. Either way try not to get your hopes up, but hopefully this proves to be true.

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