Did you know that when it comes to making tea that it involves more than just pouring boiling water over tea leaves and then just drinking it? For the tea connoisseur, this is pretty obvious because if you did not know, different types of teas can be brewed in different ways to extract the best flavor from them.


Also did you know that boiling water isn’t necessarily the best temperature for tea because it can cause bitterness? For the regular tea drinker these are probably things that sound too troublesome, but on Kickstarter a tea maker called the TEAMOSA has been launched which is said to be able to brew the perfect cup using utlrasonic extraction techniques.

According to its description, “TEAMOSA have applied ultrasonic extraction to increase antioxidants yield at 149°F (65°C), compared with 185°F (85°C), which in turn would increase the benefit towards your health.” The device will work with loose tea leaves or TEAMOSA capsules, and users can choose the different types of tea that they plan on brewing so that the TEAMOSA knows what temperatures to use.

In a way you could think of the TEAMOSA as being the Nespresso for teas, so if you fancy yourself an avid tea drinker and want take your tea brewing techniques to the next level, then maybe the TEAMOSA Kickstarter project could be worth taking a look at.

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