Twitter launched the Night Mode feature for its iOS and Android apps last year. The feature enables users to switch to a dark theme for the app. It makes it easier to use the app particularly at night when the glare from a bright theme can often prove to be a nuisance. Twitter has now brought its Night Mode feature to the desktop. users can now enable Night Mode on the desktop. They first have to click on their profile photo and then select Night Mode. It’s the last option in the list and includes a moon icon.

The Night Mode transforms the cheery white user interface into one that’s filled with dark blue that’s easier on the eyes. Follow the same process in order to deactivate Night Mode. It’s just that simple.

Twitter has also posted an entire support article about this on its website so those who require additional information about this should head over to the support page and troubleshoot any problems that they might be facing. It’s unlikely, though, given that it’s a relatively simple process to enable or disable Night Mode.

The Night Mode feature is now being rolled out gradually on the desktop for all Twitter users across the globe.

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