Presumably the initial idea behind Twitter is for users to share short status updates, or what some might term as micro-blogging, where the limitation of 140-characters meant that users couldn’t make lengthy posts. However users have naturally found a way around it, which is by posting consecutive posts which when chained together is known as a tweetstorm.

Now it looks like Twitter could be getting ready to officially embrace the practice, as discovered by Twitter user Devesh Logendran who tipped The Next Web’s Matt Navarra (via TechCrunch) about the feature. Basically it seems that there is a hidden feature within the Twitter Android app that allows users to post tweetstorms via a user interface, meaning that users won’t have to manually break down their tweets, or turn to third-party apps.

When asked to comment about the feature, Twitter told TechCrunch that they have no comment to share on the record. However given that many tech companies do test out new and experimental features from time to time, we guess Twitter is playing its cards close to their chest until the feature is ready or when they decide to launch it.

However we have seen how Twitter is trying to embrace the idea of longer tweets. For example the company has made some changes where they are “extending” the 140-character limit by not counting things like usernames, so for them to test out allowing users to post tweetstorms easily doesn’t really come as much of a surprise.

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