When it comes to wearables like smartwatches or fitness trackers, Microsoft only has the Microsoft Band. However as far back in 2013, there were rumors that Microsoft could be developing an Xbox-branded wearable. Now thanks to photos posted by SuomiMobiili (via Neowin), we might have an idea of what Microsoft was working on.


On the surface, the device doesn’t look too striking or different from the smartwatches and fitness trackers we see today. However on the underside, as you can see in the photos above, the Xbox branding is pretty clear. We can’t say for sure if these images are the real deal or if they are fake, but if such a device did exist we wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft had created several prototypes.

According to the report, the device in question was rumored to have been slated for a release in 2015, but obviously that did not happen. We’re not sure why Microsoft decided to abandon the Xbox smartwatch, but perhaps they felt that such a device could be too niche. That being said, we’re sure not what the future holds for Microsoft’s wearables.

The last time we saw Microsoft release a wearable was with the Band 2, and last year the device was taken off the Microsoft online store. Microsoft claims to have sold through the inventory, but there have also been rumors that the company could be discontinuing the Band devices despite rumors and photos of the Band 3 making its rounds.

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