It used to be that back in the day, huge and expensive and specialized medical equipment was needed in order to detect and look for various health issues. While that is still true today, a lot of medical technology has since been shrunken down and can be easily brought on the go and even paired with mobile devices.


A recent story involving a certain Doctor John Martin is a perfect example of that. Martin, the Chief Medical Officer of a company called the Butterfly Network, felt an uncomfortable feeling in his throat and decided to use the Butterfly IQ to see what was going on. The Butterfly IQ is actually a product made by the company and is essentially a portable ultrasound machine that can be paired with a smartphone, like the iPhone, and is shaped like a razor (see photo above).

After applying the ultrasound gel and putting the device to his throat, Martin found a 3cm mass that indicated that he had squamous-cell cancer. Thankfully it was caught early and after undergoing a five and a half hour surgery, he is now expected to undergo radiation treatment where hopefully he will manage a full recovery.

The Butterfly IQ is expected to go on sale in the US later this year for $1,999. This is not the first time we’re hearing about how our modern electronics are proving to be useful at monitoring our health. For example there have been reports of how users of the Apple Watch have been alerted to impending heart attacks, and where Apple is working with medical companies and researchers at exploring how the Apple Watch’s functionality can be further expanded upon.

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