Apple Watch-34R-ModularClock-3rdParty-PRINTThe Apple Watch has a built-in heart rate monitor that will measure the wearer’s heart rate. In the past we have seen how the wearables like the Apple Watch have saved lives where an abnormal heart rate allows users to seek help immediately before things become more serious, and recently there is another story of how the Apple Watch has saved a life.

According to a report from The Sun, 62-year old Dennis Anselmo claims to have been working in his garden where he was building fence placing posts when he took a break and in his own words, “felt all over the place”. Checking his Apple Watch, he discovered that his heart rate was at 210bpm, versus the 50bpm which he is normally at.

The paramedics were called and according to the EMT, a sky-high heart rate like that out of the blue could indicate a possible heart attack. Thankfully he was rushed to the hospital where surgeons operated to clear any blockages in his arteries. According to Anselmo, “They told me that if I had gone home and gone to bed – as many people do – I would likely have had another, more serious bout in the middle of the night. Those second attacks are the ones that kill. That is a common problem.”

We’re pretty sure this probably one of the intentions of the Apple Watch, but at the same time we are glad that it exists anyway.

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