Sometimes it’s hard to search for things that you find difficult to describe using words. After all you can’t exactly point to an object and tell your computer, “Hey find me something like that”, or can you? Earlier this year eBay announced plans to add image search to its mobile app and the good news is that it looks like the feature is now live for mobile users.

For those who missed the news earlier this year, eBay announced that they will be adding image search to its app. Basically this lets users upload a photo from their phone and eBay will attempt to find a listing for that particular product or something that looks similar. The company will be relying on machine learning to attempt to identify what exactly it is that you are searching for.

How well does this feature work? We suppose your mileage may vary as Android Police reports that it doesn’t seem to be particularly accurate for now. However as with machine learning, over time it should eventually start to become more accurate and correct its mistakes, so maybe give it some time and hopefully we’ll see some improvements.

Smart image searching features aren’t exactly new and Google has offered users reverse image search in the past. Recently the company has begun to preview its Google Lens feature for Pixel owners, where users just need to point their smartphone camera to an object to identify it or even provide translations if it’s in a foreign language. eBay’s image search is now live for both its iOS and Android mobile apps.

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