As you might have heard, there was some fuss not too long ago about how the FBI requested Apple’s help in unlocking an iPhone belonging to one of the terrorists in the San Bernardino case. Apple did not oblige the FBI’s request which led to the FBI seeking third-party help in unlocking the device.

There have been some speculation as to who helped the FBI unlock the iPhone, but as far as the official details are concerned, it seems like we may never know as the courts have ruled that the FBI is not obligated to disclose their findings. This is according to a ruling passed by federal judge Tanya Chutkan who said that disclosing their findings could put the secret and the vendor at risk to cybersecurity attacks.

“It is logical and plausible that the vendor may be less capable than the FBI of protecting its proprietary information in the face of a cyber-attack. The FBI’s conclusion that releasing the name of the vendor to the general public could put the vendor’s systems, and thereby crucial information about the technology, at risk of incursion is a reasonable one.”

Details about pricing will also not be disclosed as it could attach a value to the unlocking technology which could also indicate its usefulness. “Releasing the purchase price would designate a finite value for the technology and help adversaries determine whether the FBI can broadly utilize the technology to access their encrypted devices.”

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