One of the nifty tricks and features introduced to Google’s Gmail platform is the smart reply feature. Basically based on the content of the message, Gmail will be able to offer users several different replies that might be suitable. These replies are usually short but they’re good enough to get the message across or used as an acknowledgement.

Now it seems that LinkedIn wants in on the feature as well and has announced the launch of a similar feature of their own for its messaging platform. According to the company, “To help you shave a little time and more easily respond to your messages, we’ve made our reply suggestions smarter. Using machine learning, we’ll show you suggestions that are more contextual and relevant to the conversation you’re having. We’ll suggest at most three responses based on the message you’ve received. For example, if an old friend asks if you’re available to catch up over coffee next week, you may see suggestions like “Yes I am,” or “Sure!” or “What time?””

Essentially it sounds like it does what Gmail already does, except for LinkedIn. According to the company, they plan on expanding on the feature in the future to make it more personalized, such as including names. “Coming soon, we’ll be personalizing your smart replies further so that the suggestions are even more fitting for the conversation you’re having. For example, you may soon see a response like “Thanks, Joe!” versus the more simplified “Thanks.””

The feature should be rolling out for users on its mobile app and in English, with LinkedIn promising that support for additional languages will be coming in the future.

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