When it comes to consuming video content online, there are many ways one could go about it. You could purchase a movie/TV show via platforms like iTunes, you could also rent movies to watch temporarily, or you could purchase a subscription to a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu where you can watch as much as you want.

However it seems that the movie studios are banding together for a download service. In a report from Bloomberg, this new service is said to be led by Disney and will basically allow customers to purchase movies online and store them in digital lockers that will give users access to the movie across their various devices.

Prior to this such services did exist with Disney’s Movie Anywhere and UltraViolet, both of which were competing services. However according to the report, this new service will basically see movie studios like Fox, Warner, and Universal joining forces with Disney to create a singular service, which we reckon would be a lot more convenient.

Nothing has been officially confirmed yet but Bloomberg claims that this new service could be announced as soon as this week. If true it will be interesting to see how this might differ from Disney’s upcoming streaming service and how the company plans on differentiating the services from one another.

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