As you might have heard, just last month Disney announced their plans to launch their own video streaming service which is expected to be ready in 2019. It was unclear at that time as to what this would mean for Disney’s other shows from Marvel and Star Wars, and it was suggested that the company could launch separate streaming services for those.

We have to admit that paying for a subscription just for Marvel or Star Wars-based shows doesn’t seem like a very good idea, and it seems that Disney thinks so as well as the company has recently confirmed Marvel and Star Wars shows will be exclusively streamed on its new streaming service.

The upcoming service is expected to also feature four to five original Disney series, and will also play home to several exclusive Disney movies. According to Disney’s CEO Bob Iger, he also suggested that for once, the international availability of Disney’s upcoming streaming platform could actually arrive before the US due to streaming rights clearances, but nothing has been set in stone yet.

As for pricing, there was no mention of how much this new service is expected to cost, but given the various streaming services available, we can only imagine that Disney probably won’t stray too far from what’s being offered these days. In the meantime Netflix is still hoping that once their partnership with Disney ends that they will still be able to continue offering some of the company’s shows past 2019.

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