With the Google Pixel 2 and the iPhone 8 having just been launched, we’re sure many are wondering which phone is “faster”. The good news is that you won’t have to wonder anymore because the folks at PhoneBuff have recently published a speed test comparison between both phones.

In terms of specs, the Pixel 2 XL is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset which is the latest flagship chipset for Qualcomm, while the iPhone 8 Plus is powered by the A11 Bionic chipset by Apple. Both chipsets are powerful in their own right, but in terms of speed, it looks like the iPhone 8 Plus has managed to beat out the Pixel 2 XL.

The iPhone 8 Plus completed its first lap in 1 minute and 18.26 seconds, while the Pixel 2 took 1 minute 25.23 seconds. The second lap which tested multitasking and memory management, the iPhone 8 Plus took 2 minutes and 5 seconds while the Pixel 2 XL took 2 minutes 10 seconds, allowing Google’s flagship to close the gap slightly, although they still lost. Interestingly enough there were some hiccups with the iPhone 8 Plus in the second round where certain apps were not kept in its RAM.

Previous iPhones did not have that problem so we have to wonder if it could have been a software issue that Apple could address in future iOS 11 updates. In any case if you want to check out the speed test, then watch the video above.

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