You might think that a store is just a store, but some companies actually take the time to carefully design their stores to make it more than just somewhere you buy their products. This is why you might have noticed that certain stores are designed a certain way, and this is what Apple is going for in their upcoming downtown Brooklyn store.


According to a report from AppleInsider who went to tour the store before its public opening this Saturday, it seems that Apple wants to help users feel that they are in a different place when they enter the store, and by that we mean that they want users to feel like they are no longer in a bustling city. This is thanks to the installation of custom floors and ceilings which act as sound dampeners to help prevent noise from outside from coming in.

In fact it seems that Apple went one step further. According to Jason Barlia, the market director for Apple’s stores in New York City, he told AppleInsider that the floors were specially created to be isolated from the rest of the building. This is because there are train tracks below the surface, and by isolating the floors, it keeps vibrations to the minimum.

That being said, if you want to experience it for yourself then head on over this Saturday to check it out for yourself. The first customers who attend the store’s grand opening will also receive free Apple t-shirts.

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