We’re sure that seeing Final Fantasy games being brought over onto the Nintendo Switch is something that fans would love to see happen. In fact there was a brief moment of excitement when it was suggested that Final Fantasy XV for the Switch was being considered (there are currently no plans).


However if you’re more of an MMORPG kind of gamer, you’ll be interested to learn that Final Fantasy XIV’s director Naoki Yoshida has reiterated that he is still interested in creating a version for the Switch. Of course this doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be a Switch version of the game, but Yoshida’s openness to the idea is encouraging.

As expected there will be certain obstacles to creating the game for the Switch, such as cross-server functionality. Speaking to Eurogamer, Yoshida was quoted as saying, “I’d like to open it up to as many platforms as possible – we want to include as many players as possible. Not just Switch – even Xbox, if it’s interested in this, we’d like to open it up. We’d like to have it on as much hardware as possible.”

As it stands, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is available on Windows, Mac, the PS3 and the PS4. However it is possible that it could eventually find its way to other platforms as Yoshida notes that the talks have been positive. “Positive discussion is ongoing. It’s not as if we’re not doing anything – we are actually talking to them, and the platform holders are showing their attitude in a more positive way.”

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