When Google Assistant was first introduced, it was assumed that just like other Android features, it would be available for all Android devices. However it seemed that Google was attempting to do something different with its Pixel phones and made Google Assistant a temporary exclusive.

However we’ve seen Google start to open up Assistant to more devices, such as Sony’s Android TVs, and last we heard it could be arriving on Chromebooks soon. But what about tablet owners? The good news is that Assistant for Android tablets could also be coming soon, thanks to a recent discovery in the Assistant settings where it was discovered that the row of icons that support Assistant now includes a tablet icon as well as mentioning that it is “Available on Google Home, Android 6.0+ phones and tablets, Chromebooks, and TVs”.

Like we said, Google has been slowly opening up Assistant to more devices, where the feature was initially only available for phones. Presumably Google wants the same widespread adoption and ubiquity that Amazon is enjoying with Alexa which has found its way onto phones, smart speakers, and a bunch of other gadgets.

Unfortunately there is no telling when Assistant for Android tablets will be released, but presumably the addition of the tablet icon does suggest that it could be coming soon.

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