Right now Ben Affleck has taken on the mantle (and cowl) of Batman in the DCEU. However Affleck had never really seemed to be 100% committed to the role, and given what we’ve heard about the standalone Batman movie and the recent comments Affleck made about thinking of a graceful way to exit the role, we’re sure some are wondering who could be next?

According to a report from Campea (via Screen Rant), it seems that word on the street is that Jake Gyllenhaal could be tapped to play the caped crusader. The report claims that Matt Reeves, the new director for the standalone Batman movie, has Gyllenhaal as his top pick to play the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman and has apparently met with the actor.

However nothing has been confirmed yet so take it with a grain of salt for now. As Screen Rant notes, Gyllenhaal had previously auditioned for the role of Batman when Christopher Nolan was doing his trilogy, although as many are aware, that role was given to Christian Bale. It is also unclear if Gyllenhaal were to be cast as Batman, what it could mean for the Batman franchise and the DCEU.

Could it mean that we’re looking at yet another reboot? Doing so would throw the other movies out of sync, although we’re sure that moviegoers might be confused if Gyllenhaal were to be suddenly cast as Batman, although it wouldn’t be the first time that an actor is replaced during a movie series, but what do you guys? Could you see Gyllenhaal as Batman?

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