While smart and connected household appliances and gadgets aren’t new, there was one problem and that is uniting all of them under a single hub. Given that there are so many different manufacturers, it wouldn’t make sense for all of them to start making their own hubs as it would lead to an insane amount of fragmentation.


This is why it seems that tech companies have stumbled upon a solution in the form of smart speakers that can help manage all of that, such as Amazon’s Echo devices, the Google Home, and of course Apple’s upcoming HomePod. That being said though, with so many devices how do you know which is supported?

The good news is that Google has since published an entire and very extensive list of devices (via Engadget) that are supported by Google Home. The list will contain every brand that is supported by Google Home as well as every model under that brand. So if you’re thinking of outfitting your home with some smart appliances or gadgets and want to know if Google Home supports it, you’ll want to bookmark that page.

Presumably this list will grow and will constantly be updated as more devices are launched in the future, so Google Home owners will probably want to keep tabs on it.

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