HTC’s smartphones may not be doing well but the company’s virtual reality division has established itself as a strong player in the VR market. There have been reports over the past few months that HTC is working on a standalone virtual reality headset. A new report claims that HTC’s standalone VR headset is going to be launched on November 14th.

The company recently filed a trademark for “Vive Focus” in the European Union. Some claimed that this was probably related to the company’s standalone virtual reality headset. It’s just speculation at this point in time, though.

HTC has also registered the Vive M trademark in China and perhaps that might be related to the headset. The report claims that this headset will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor backed by Qualcomm’s mobile VR platform. The device may also feature inside out positional tracking.

HTC is yet to say anything about a standalone virtual reality headset but the report claims that the company is going to unveil it at the upcoming Vive Developer Conference which is going to take place on November 14th in Beijing.

No further information about the standalone headset is available at this point in time. Fans of the company’s Vive headset will certainly be interested in finding out what HTC’s standalone headset is capable of.

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