So far the Nintendo Switch has been pretty much all about gaming, which means that unlike the PS4 or Xbox One that have more social and entertainment features, the Switch is a bit “limited” in its functionality. That changed when it was announced that Hulu would be arriving for the Switch, but what if you wanted music and not videos?

The semi-good news is that it looks like Spotify could be next. It seems that there is a vote on the Spotify Community that is gaining some steam. In a vote created by user Erboda, it asks Spotify users to vote for the idea of Spotify launching on the Nintendo Switch. Erboda writes, “I know the hardware is relatively new, but I STRONGLY feel it could benefit both Spotify and Nintendo if an app was produced for the Nintendo Switch.”

Note that this isn’t an official vote and it just seems like this is a platform where the Spotify Community shares ideas to get them voted and hope that they potentially become a reality. There is no guarantee that this will actually happen, but like we said this particular vote has been gaining some steam and has close to 7,000 votes to date.

Hopefully with this many votes Nintendo and Spotify will see that there is a demand the service to arrive on the Switch, although we wouldn’t be surprised if they were already considering it. After all with Spotify already launched on the PS3 and PS4 and with plans to arrive on the Xbox One, launching on the Switch doesn’t really seem like that much of a stretch.

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