The Xbox One X will be Microsoft’s most powerful Xbox console to date, with the ability to output games at native 4K when connected to a 4K display, which we guess is a pretty obvious thing to do. However the question is what if the gamer does not own a 4K display? What if they own something a little lower?


The good news is that if you’re using a 1440p display, then note that the Xbox One X will support the resolution as well. Prior to this, it was assumed that the Xbox One X would treat 1440p displays the same ways 1080p displays, which is that it will supersample the graphs to a 1080p resolution, which means that gamers would get 1080p resolution graphics displayed on a monitor designed to support higher resolutions, something that is clearly less than ideal.

However like we said, that is not the case because according to Kevin Gammill, the program manager for Microsoft’s Xbox Platform Partner Group, the Xbox One X would output 1440p graphics to a 1440p connected display. While 4K displays are clearly the standard of the future, such displays are still relatively pricey, which means that gamers on a budget have to shop for 1080p displays, or 1440p displays which are probably the next best thing.

That being said, the Xbox One X is currently scheduled for a release on the 7th of November, 2017, where Microsoft is touting that demand for the console is apparently “super high”.

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