With the launch of the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple has introduced an option in which users can choose to activate LTE capabilities on their smartwatch so that they don’t have to be tethered to a phone. This of course also means that you’ll need to purchase a separate Apple Watch plan from your carrier.


Now if you live in the US, this is something you’ll want to take note of because it could be an expensive decision if you’re still unsure. According to a report from Macworld’s Michael Simon, it seems that deactivating and reactivating the LTE capabilities on the Apple Watch Series 3 could be rather expensive. This is because carriers usually charge customers an activation fee, one that most of them seem to have waived for first-time activations.

So imagine this scenario where you purchase a data plan for your Apple Watch, but ultimately you decide that you’d rather save yourself $10 a month and that tethering it to your iPhone isn’t really so bad, so you deactivate LTE on your Apple Watch through your carrier. However a few months later you realize how useful LTE is on the Apple Watch and want to reactivate it, in which you will then be charged anywhere between $25-$30 for it.

As Simon points out, the activation fees are usually worth a couple of months of maintaining the subscription, so depending on how long you want to cancel the service for, it might actually be cheaper to just let it run. Of course $25-30 might not seem like a huge deal, but if you flip-flop between keeping the service and deactivating it, it could easily run up a huge bill.

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