Skype’s video calls are useful for all kinds of situations, whether it be to catch up with friends and family while abroad, speaking to loved ones like your children, holding office/group meetings, and so on. It can and has also been successfully used to interview potential job applicants who might be from out of town or overseas.

This is why Skype has introduced a new feature in the form of an interview scheduler. According to Skype’s announcement, “Today, a new integrated scheduling app—built on the Skype Interviews platform—significantly streamlines the interview scheduling process. Introducing Skype Interviews Scheduler, designed to simplify the process of scheduling interviews—as well as reduce the number of steps required to send an invite. With an embedded interview link, candidates can launch an interview directly from their calendar.”

Basically all the user has to do is to enter in the person’s name and their name, email address, and the agreed upon time and date. They can then schedule it using the Smart Scheduler which will help arrange an interview, and once the time slots have been selected, users can then choose to accept or decline the invitation.

According to Skype, “After the candidate selects a timeslot, each participant is automatically sent a calendar invite, which they can click to join the interview directly from the email. No download or Skype ID is required to join. From the Skype Interviews dashboard, recruiters can see what times candidates have selected and make further amendments to interviews if needed.” For more information you can head on over to the Skype Interviews website.

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