The majority of music streaming services out there today cost around the $10 mark. This seems to be the standard pricing for most services, save for outliers such as Tidal where they HiFi option is priced at $20 a month, and Amazon Music where Prime customers pay $8 a month, but Spotify is hoping to challenge that status quo.

The company has recently launched a $99 annual subscription, which means that you’ll be paying for 12 months worth of service upfront, and ultimately you will save yourself $20 overall, or as Spotify puts it, “That’s 12 months for the price of 10.” However we should note that this is a limited time offer and will only be available until the 31st of December, 2017.

It should also be pointed out that once the 12-months are up, users will go back to their previous subscription package at the then-current-price, which means that this offer will only be good for a year, although who knows, depending on the popularity maybe Spotify could make it a permanent thing.

With this offer, it does make Spotify one of the cheapest music streaming services around (although we have to wonder if that is a good idea) that does not have any caveats, like a Prime membership subscription, so it could be worth taking a look at if you’re interested in saving some money.

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