Given how many gas stations there are in the US, it’s safe to say that finding one to stop at and refuel your car is probably not too difficult. However it is a different story when it comes to charging stations for electric cars in which there are quite as many, although the efforts we’re seeing from various companies is helping to improve that situation.

In fact it looks like Volkswagen wants to contribute in a big way, by announcing that by June 2019, the company will have installed 2,800 EV charging stations across the US. This should dramatically increase the availability of these charging stations, which in turn could help assuage the fears of potential electric car customers who have range anxiety.

These charging stations are expected to be found at various workplaces as well as multifamily dwellings, like apartment buildings. This endeavor is also expected to cost Volkswagen $2 billion nationwide, which is part of the company’s clean car infrastructure agreement after its diesel emissions cheating scandal.

That being said, the number of EV charging stations in the US probably hasn’t caught up to the number of gas stations, but with the efforts from the likes of Volkswagen, hopefully that gap will be bridged sooner rather than later.

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