Thanks to frameworks like HomeKit, smart appliances that integrate HomeKit can at least be unified to a certain extent, and also allowing them to work together at the same thing and can be controlled via the Home app on iOS devices. However if you’d rather not unlock your phone everytime and wanted a physical control, the Fibaro Button could be of interest to you.

The concept of the Fibaro Button is similar to that of the recently announced Elgato Eve Button, in which a single button will allow users to control multiple HomeKit-connected devices at once. Users can choose how they want to use the Fibaro Button, like where it could be used to control their HomeKit lights where at a touch of a button, they will all turn on/off.


It can also be used to set scenes, where you can setup different connected objects to the way you want it. Users can also configure the clicks to correspond to different actions, where three clicks can be used to turn on the lights, open the blinds, and so on. The best part is that the Fibaro Button does not require users to own a gateway, hub, or a bridge to work with your connected devices.

It isn’t available for purchase yet but when it does, it will be priced at $50. Note that there is an existing model already available, but that model is not HomeKit compatible so keep that in mind if you come across it.

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