If there is a reason to purchase from official websites is because you tend to assume that they are secure, and that they have a responsibility to their customers to ensure that their data isn’t stolen. Unfortunately it seems that might not be the case for OnePlus customers as there have been reports that some customers are experiencing credit card fraud.

There are some OnePlus customers who are claiming that after purchasing phones from the company’s website that they have received notifications of fraudulent credit card activity. While their credit card numbers could have been stolen elsewhere, some users are claiming that this only happened after purchasing from OnePlus’ website, making it a coincidence that’s a bit hard to ignore.

Note that this isn’t a widespread issue and that based on the informal poll that was posted on the company’s forum, about 25% of those polled claimed to have been victims of credit card fraud after recent OnePlus transactions, although the upside is that about 40% claim to have not been affected, while the remainder made their purchases through PayPal.

OnePlus has yet to confirm if their payments system might have been compromised, but a community manager has acknowledged the post and has sent it along to the customer service team for further investigation, so we’ll have to wait and see what the results of the investigation is, and whether or not users should be worried.

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