[CES 2018] Given how closely both Samsung and LG compete with each other across a variety of products ranging from TVs, smartphones, smartwatches, and home appliances (just to name a few), it doesn’t really come as a surprise that following LG’s announcement of their new Alexa-capable smart refrigerator, Samsung has also announced a new smart fridge of their own.

Smart fridges by Samsung aren’t exactly new as we have seen in the past, so Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator could be considered more of an evolution of the company’s previous efforts. According to Samsung, the new fridge will come with features not found in its predecessors, such as the ability to sync food storage with meal preparations.

As expected given Samsung’s investment in AI, the next-gen Family Hub will also come with the Bixby digital assistant, which we’ve actually seen Samsung include in last year’s Family Hub fridge. The fridge will also be able to do more than just keep your food cold, as thanks to its built-in display, it will also play nicely with the SmartThings ecosystem, where users can use its display to check who’s at the front door, or check in on a sleeping baby in another room, and so on.

Pricing of the Samsung Family Hub 3.0 Refrigerator was not mentioned, but given its breadth of features we doubt that it will come cheap.

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