[CES 2018] When it comes to headphones that many audiophiles can agree sound great, one of the models that might come up from time to time is the Sennheiser HD 800/800 S. The only problem with the HD 800 is that they are open-back headphones which aren’t exactly ideal when it comes to bringing them out with you on the go.

However the good news is that if you loved the HD 800/800 S and wished that Sennheiser would release a closed-back version of them, you’re in luck because at CES, Sennheiser has announced the HD 820 which pretty much takes what made the HD 800/800 S great, and made it closed-back.

For those unfamiliar with open and closed-back headphones, basically open-back headphones allow for the drivers to vibrate more freely, thus creating a “wider” and more expansive soundstage. This is versus closed-back headphones (which are more common) that you could say offer up a “tighter” soundstage. There is no good or bad and is really a matter of preference, although the downside to open-back headphones is sound leakage, where everyone around you basically gets to hear what you are listening to.

With the HD 820, Sennheiser has built it with a metal headband with an inner damping element. They will also feature a glass transducer cover that is said to help minimize resonances and creates a more realistic and natural sound field. As for pricing, the Sennheiser HD 820 will be priced at a whopping $2,399.95 and is expected to be available for purchase this summer.

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