Several years ago SensorWake launched a campaign on Kickstarter for a device that functions like an alarm clock, with the main difference being that instead of waking users up with sound, it wakes them up with scent instead. It was a bit of a novel approach, but now it looks like the company is working on a new scent diffuser, except this time it’s to help users sleep.


Dubbed the Oria, SensorWake has plans to launch the device on Kickstarter for another round of crowdfunding, which is expected to be launched in April. The idea behind Oria is to release scents that will help users sleep, which according to tests conducted by Givaudan (who has given SensorWake’s parent company a cash injection), it has been found that users exposed to certain types of scents can have longer and more restful sleep.

That’s what the Oria is trying to accomplish through the use of tailored capsules that are said to last up to a month before requiring a replacement. There is no word on how much the Oria will cost, but like we said there are plans to launch it on Kickstarter in April so when it does, we’ll find out more. SensorWake is aiming to release the Oria before the end of 2018, but as is the case with all crowdfunded projects, delays do happen, but we’ll keep an eye out for more details when the Kickstarter campaign launches.

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