[CES 2018] By now many of you guys are probably familiar with the Tile Bluetooth tracker accessory. For those who are unfamiliar, it is basically a tiny device that you can attach to things like bags, keys, and so on and through a smartphone app, you’ll be able to keep track of it. The only problem is that the tracker is external, so it is possible that it could fall off.

However that is expected to change in the future. Tile has recently announced that they have worked out partnerships with a bunch of companies including headphone maker Bose and luggage maker Samsonite where Tile’s Bluetooth tracking technology will be integrated into future products made by those companies.

What this means is that users will soon be able to track their headphones, luggages, and more without having to purchase the tracker separately, assuming that the products they buy come integrated with Tile’s technology. For Bose this will include the SoundSport Wireless and QuietControl 30 headphones, while Samsonite is expected to launch a global pilot program for Tile later this spring, where they will create trackable luggages to help make it easier to locate misplaced luggages at home or at the airport.

Note that Bose and Samsonite are just some of the companies that Tile will be working with, and admittedly this is actually a rather clever solution and hopefully we’ll see more companies start to adopt Tile’s technology into their products in the future.

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