Conventional bookshelf speakers are great if you like to be able to clearly separately your audio into left and right. However, sometimes our setups aren’t equipped to handle these types of speakers due to space constraints, but then how can we improve on the sound coming from our TVs?

That’s where soundbars come in handy, and Bose has a brand new one in the form of the Bose Soundbar 900 that you might be interested in. Featuring support for HDMI eARC, the Soundbar 900 only requires one cable to connect with your TV which makes setting it up a piece of cake (although there is no HDMI passthrough support).

It also comes with support for multi-room audio thanks to WiFi music playback. There is also support for Bluetooth and AirPlay 2 if you’re looking for other wireless options, and there will also be digital assistant integration with Alexa and Google Assistant if you want to make this a smart speaker as well.

There will also be features like Dolby Atmos and also Bose’s own “PhaseGuide” technology. According to Bose, “When there’s no Dolby Atmos content, the horizontal spatial effects are just as effective, and Bose TrueSpace technology takes over for the vertical experience, remixing signals to add ‘height’ without adding a ceiling speaker.”

The Bose Soundbar 900 also comes with touch controls built into the speaker itself. If you’re interested, you can go ahead and pre-order it from Bose’s website where it is priced at $899.

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