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If the rumors are true, Apple could be working on an augmented reality (AR) headset of their own. However what we do know and what we have seen is Apple express a very keen interest in the technology, going as far as incorporating aspects of it into their iPhones. However if Apple were to design and build their own AR headset, what could it look like?

We suppose that’s anyone’s guess, but designer Martin Hajek recently cooked up some concept designs for the folks at iDrop News. As you can see in the image above, this is what Hajek imagines an Apple AR headset might look like, or as he is calling it the “Apple Glass”. Its design seems to resemble a large pair of glasses and is very nondescript.

However this is a good thing when you consider the backlash that Google Glass owners faced when they went out in public, so keeping it nondescript means no one would think twice that you might be sporting a pair of smart glasses. Hajek even included a “notch” in the design, which iDrop News suggests could house sensors and even a camera.

It has also been suggested that the sides of the frame could be used to house other components, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, the battery, a touchpad, and so on. Of course this is just a concept design which means that it’s all made up, but what do you guys make of it anyway? If Apple’s AR headset were to look like this, would it be something you might be interested in?

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