The HomePod is Apple’s foray into the smart speaker market, and from what we can tell, it seems that it is doing pretty well. According to a report from NPD, based on their findings it seems that day one pre-orders for the HomePod in the US have managed to beat out most of the competition.


We say “most” because if there is one device that Apple did not beat, it is Amazon’s Echo Dot speaker. This isn’t too surprising when you consider the fact that the Echo Dot is considerably cheaper than the HomePod, but it isn’t a completely fair comparison since both devices are aimed at different types of users.

With the HomePod, Apple is aiming at users who are more discerning about audio quality, while the Echo Dot is aimed at users who want a digital assistant in a small and affordable package. However regardless, it does speak to the successes of either device. An earlier report had pegged the HomePod’s market share at about 3%.

This is a far cry from Amazon’s Echo market share which is at 55%, while Google is also well ahead of Apple at 23%. However it is possible that over time we will see the HomePod catchup and possibly overtake the competition, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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