So we know that towards the end of the year, we can expect the next X-Men movie, X-Men: Dark Phoenix which will see the return of several of the actors from the previous X-Men movies. However what’s next for the franchise? It is unclear at this point in time, but a report from Deadline has revealed that a new X-Men movie titled “143” could be in the works.


The movie is said to be written by Brian Michael Bendis with Tim Miller directing it, and while it is unclear as to what the movie could be about, but speculation has it that it could be a standalone movie for the Kitty Pryde character. This is due to fan speculation that “143” could be in reference to the 1963 Uncanny X-Men comic where Kitty Pryde is left alone in the mansion on Christmas Eve, and is forced to battle against an N’Garai demon.

That being said, Disney is currently in the process of acquiring Fox and according to Disney’s CEO Bob Iger, there are plans to integrate the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (assuming the deal is successful). What this means for the current X-Men franchise is anyone’s guess as to whether or not Disney will want to pick up where the movies have left off, or if they plan on starting from scratch.

In any case only time will tell what this movie will be about and whether or not it will be related to the current X-Men universe, or exist as a standalone, or be part of the MCU.

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