With more companies starting to push augmented reality (AR) technology these days, we’re starting to see some really cool applications. For example one developer leveraged Apple’s ARKit and the TrueDepth camera to create a mind-bending illusion with the iPhone X, and another brought Japanese horror movie “Ring” to life.

In fact the very same developer, Abhishek Singh, has since cooked up another demo for ARKit, this time bringing Capcom’s Street Fighter II onto the streets. In the video above, it shows how Singh has used AR technology to superimpose Street Fighter II into the real world, where players will be able to battle against each other in real world settings using Street Fighter characters.

Granted just like with the “Ring” demo, the graphics aren’t exactly stellar or realistic, but the application is pretty amazing. Players can even walk up close to the fighters and walk around them like you would expect in real life. Speaking to Gizmodo, Singh said, “It’s kind of like a real life Mexican standoff except you have your virtual gladiators fighting in this ring between you. So it really is a live multiplayer AR experience, fully functional and playable.”

Unfortunately for those who wish to play Singh’s game, it isn’t available for the public just yet as the developer said that he would need to figure out some copyright issues first, which is unsurprising given that Street Fighter belongs to Capcom. In the meantime gamers can check out the game in action in the video above.

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