Recently we’ve seen how a developer has taken Apple’s ARKit and recreated the infamous scene from Japanese horror movie “Ring”. It was admittedly a very clever use of the technology, and it seems that we’re starting to see more developers take advantage of that, such as in the case of Swedish coding artis Peter Norrby.

In the video below, Norrby not only leverages Apple’s ARKit, but he also takes advantage of the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera system to create a mind bending optical illusion. This trick turns the iPhone’s screen into what appears to be a bottomless pit, where users can pan around the iPhone X and it will show them the correct perspective based on the angle, which is thanks to the TrueDepth system.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen developers take advantage of TrueDepth where last year, games were launched that relied on the system that tracked the user’s face and their facial expressions. Apple’s Animoji is also a great example of the TrueDepth system in action. That being said if you’re interested in checking out Norrby’s app, the app is currently in review on the App Store.

This means that it’s awaiting approval and when it is released, iPhone X users will be able to check it out and show that mind bending illusion off to their friends. In the meantime Norrby has also posted an explanation video which you can check out below.

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