With IKEA rolling out its Place app which uses augmented reality (AR) technology where users can place and adjust furniture in their homes virtually to get an idea of the look and feel, it is no doubt a game-changer when it comes to purchasing furniture in the future. However designer Adam Pickard thinks that this could be taken one step further.

He has created a concept app called “AssembleAR” which basically leverages AR technology to help create an interactive IKEA manual. In the concept video above, all users have to do is scan the barcode of their IKEA purchase and an interactive manual will spring to life in front of whatever your phone is pointing it.

It will come with animations and different angles so that users can follow the manual’s instructions while they are putting their furniture together. In all fairness, IKEA’s manuals are pretty well-designed, but sometimes due to the sheer number of components, like screens, bolts, tiny little wooden pegs that can roll away and get lost forever, it can be a daunting process for some. AssembleAR sort of makes it easier with the various step-by-step animations.

Unfortunately the app is only a concept at the moment which is rather unfortunate as we reckon it has a ton of potential. Whether or not IKEA will reach out to Pickard to incorporate his concept into the Place app or maybe launch something of their own is anyone’s guess, but it’s totally got our vote!

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