Following the massive success of Marvel’s Black Panther, we’re sure many can’t wait to see the character make his return in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. The good news is that you won’t have to wait much longer because the release date of the movie has since been moved up.


This was revealed on Twitter in a cheeky exchange by Robert Downey Jr. and the Marvel Studios official Twitter account, where the actor asked if he could see the movie earlier, in which Marvel replied by offering the 27th of April as a date. The exchange also confirms that the pushed up release date is for the whole world, so if you were worried it might be only in the US, it isn’t.

It is unclear as to why the release date has been moved up, but it is possible that it could be due to the fact that Marvel wants to capitalize on Black Panther’s success, and bring some of those characters back onto the screen while they’re still fresh on everyone’s minds. Either way regardless of the reason, it is good news for those who can’t wait for it.

It should be noted that the 27th of April release date is date that the movie was set to premiere in the UK, although sometimes this is the case where movies are shown in other parts of the world ahead of a US release. The good news is that by moving up the dates, those in the US won’t have to worry about reading spoilers posted by their European counterparts.

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